Inside SI4T search integrations : Controlling what gets indexed

The open source SI4T (Search Integration for Tridion) project allows you to pass through 3 levels of control over what content gets indexed: Firstly, the default, zero-configuration behaviour. Then there is fine-grained configuration via metadata and parameters, and finally total … Continue reading

Tridion Reference Implementation Patterns 2: Mixing CMS Content With External Data

The SDL Tridion Reference Implementation (TRI) comes with out of the box controllers for loading and rendering pure content-based models. However, most web applications need to blend content with data from other sources before rendering. TRI is designed with this … Continue reading

Tridion Search Engine Integration – Stop re-inventing the wheel

On a recent project, it was required to do a quick integration between Tridion and a search engine (in this case Solr). We needed to push content directly in the index, rather than using a crawling approach, and there were … Continue reading