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teamwork Today I gave an overview of the SDL Tridion Context Engine and how it can be used to provide device detection functionality for SDL Tridion Websites, with a focus on how simple it is to install and use in a RESS / Responsive website.

In the event you missed this presentation, the slides are available after the jump.

 Click the PPT icon below to download the SDL Tridion Context Engine Presention Slides and Click to watch the presentation via SDL.

Context Engine & Response Web DesignUpdate: Thanks to Ian Homer for blogging a follow up to the presentation that answers a number of questions raised during the webinar.  Thanks Ian ! 

3 thoughts on “Context Engine Webinar Resources

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  2. Thanks for the presentation on the context engine.

    To answer a couple of questions

    Q: Why do you need to include discover-min.js in your web page
    A: This JavaScript file does client side detection of some context properties, e.g. browser.displayWidth, browser.displayHeight and browser.pixelDepth

    Q: How do you update an existing device database
    A: Run the same command as you used for the database initialisation, except swap the word seed for update

    See more details at

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