IE9+ with Tridion 2009

Many big companies out there are still using Tridion 2009 which is limited to Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.  As we all know, those browser versions have long become extinct, and those that are still on Tridion 2009 have to hang on to the old browsers.  However, it is possible to configure IE9 to also work with Tridion 2009.  In this post I explain how.

The first step is to open Internet Explorer and point it to your Tridion CMS URL.  You’ll get an error about an incompatible browser:

To get around this error, do the following:

  1. Turn on Compatibility View
    Tridion 2009 Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility Mode
  2. Turn off pop-up blocker to allow Po-pups on the Tridion CMS site.
  3. When right-clicking, you’ll by default get an error. To fix this you need to go to Internet Option->Security->Trusted Sites. Add Tridion CMS to the Trusted Sites list.
    Also, click on Custom Level and enable anything that mentions Active X.
    Tridion 2009 IE 9 Active X settings
  4. Finally, in the URL of your browser, take out the error page.  That is, navigate to the main Tridion URL, not the error page:

    You should be all set now.  At least this will hold you over until your company upgrades to Tridion 2011 (or even better to 2013).


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