Classification filtering with the Core Service

I’ve always really loved on the SDL Tridion interface works when showing and filtering content based on Taxonomy information. I’d assumed that generating a list of classified items would be quite a tricky thing to achieve, so I thought i’d take a look to see how difficult it is using the Core Service API.

To help explain the scenario, here’s a diagram of my sandbox environment:


So what I’d like to do is get my ‘3D TV’ component, when specifying one of it’s parent keywords, for example in this case using the ‘TV’ keyword ID.

What you’ll get back is an XML list showing the components that relevant to your query:

That’s it! – insanely simple and incredibly powerful :)

One thought on “Classification filtering with the Core Service

  1. Nice example, John!

    Most of the time, but not all, knowing the interface gives you an idea about the APIs. I’ve raved about this in:

    I’m using more Keywords (and suggesting them) on projects that involve delivery-side features and context (again–before it was all Custom Metadata and the CD API). As we see more “mobile” and contextual projects, basic Taxonomy will be more and more important. I’d love to see how else you’re seeing Metadata being applied. Any interesting SmartTarget or SDL Mobile scenarios lately? :-)

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