Quick tip : opening a new powershell command line in a specific directory

This small blog post isn’t really something Tridion-specific. However, with SDL Web 8, installing or configuring the CMS or content delivery usually involves running a few powershell commands. Usually, we run these commands to install a database, or to create a topology, or install or manage the microservices.

Usually, these powershell scripts are in some deep directory structure, and I used to open a new powershell command, do a lot of cd commands (luckily we have tab-autocompletion), and finally you would arrive at the directory where your script lives, and you would be able to run it.

But, as I recently learnt, you can also do the following, which sometimes saves you a few minutes:

In Windows Explorer, open the directory where your powershell scripts live

In the address bar, enter the command “powershell”

Press enter, and voila, you have a new powershell window, immediately in the directory where you were in Windows Explorer.


2 thoughts on “Quick tip : opening a new powershell command line in a specific directory

  1. In recent versions of Windows there’s an “Open Windows PowerShell” option on the file menu of Explorer. I’ve come to rely on it so much that I feel robbed if I’m working on an older version where it isn’t there. This tip might just save my sanity.

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