So you committed the SDL Tridion proposal on Area 51. Now what?

A lot of people have been jumping on the commitment band wagon for the recently proposed Q & A site for Tridion on Stack Exchange’s Area 51 site. This is a great step toward the proposal making it to the beta phase. Thanks to all of you who have got involved so far.

For those who don’t know, Stack Exchange is the creator of some generic technical Q & A sites such as Stack Overflow, Super User and Server Fault. They also make their platform available to more focused communities for products like Drupal and Word Press, as well as completely non-technical sites on various topics as far reaching as gardening, literature and poker. These sites are built by the online communities that want them. Before Stack Exchange sanctions the use of their platform, they want to be sure the sites will get used, and are filled with good content backed by an active community of knowledgeable contributors. They do this by allowing anyone to propose a site on their staging area called Area 51, and measuring its progress as it moves through various phases from initial definition, through commitment and beta until the site becomes live. Continue reading

See you on Stack Exchange!

Stack Exchange, a spin-off of the popular Stack Overflow programming Q&A site has an “Area 51″ staging site, where Dave Houlker recently proposed a new site Q&A for SDL Tridion.

You can move the potential site into a beta phase by committing. Just follow this image link.
Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Tridion
Full disclosure: I get credit if you click the nice image. Join via a non-referring link if you prefer.

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