Creating Local Folders and Files based on a Tridion structure

Today I had to write a small piece of code to generate a local file system based on the structure of a given Tridion folder.   It’s a throwaway bit of code but I thought it might be useful to someone out there at some point in their lives (or myself in the future), so i figured why not share it here?

Note: The code comes ‘as-is’, I had time to either share it or tidy it up, not do both :)

So here’s what it does:

  1. You give it a tridion folder ID
  2. You also give it a file path
  3. It recurses through Tridion and creates the folder structure in tridion on your local machine
  4. Any components are also created, you need to write your own logic if you want something special in these files :)


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