If Publishing Fails with “Request Entity Too Large” Error

Here is a quick Tridion tip.  If publishing fails with an error: “Request Entity Too Large”, it means that the size of the package is larger than what the Deployer is allowed to accept.  To resolve the issue, simply increase the HTTPSReceiver MaxSize attribute in the cd_deployer_conf.xml file.  What scenarios could cause this…

The error usually occurs when a multimedia component (or several MM components) result in a package size larger than 10 megabytes (10 MB is the default setting specified in bytes). 

This can also occur is your template is downloading external files and adding them into the package.  For example: one of the templates I recently developed had to connect to a third-party web service and download a bunch of images and then publish them as binaries.

Here is what the updated setting looks like in HttpUpload’s cd_deployer_conf.xml file specified in bytes:

<HTTPSReceiver MaxSize=”10000000 209715200″ Location=”/data/tridion/incoming” InProcessDeploy=”true”/>

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