Online SDL Tridion resources

In the past couple of months a number of great online resources have popped up to help with SDL Tridion development, implementation topics and environment configuration.  These links are mostly promoted on Twitter, so in the event you have missed them, I’ve made a compilation of some favourites.

SDL Tridion 2011 online documentation
SDL’s own online documentation covers everything from installation of the CME, Content Delivery (very useful as major changes have been made in 2011), upgrading, GUI extensions, Smart Target, Translation Manager and the new Online Marketing Explorer.

SDL Tridion World
There have been tonnes of new posts to SDL Tridion world since the release of 2011.  Including step by step guides for some of the new features, including setting up the new 0Data service and configuring your own GUI Extension.

Rainmaker’s Tridion /.Net MVC
Kah Tang has placed a sample .NET MVC project online.  The project uses content via Tridion’s Dynamic Delivery.  Worth checking out not only for the MVC, but as an example of .NET using Tridion broker content.

Building Blocks Blog
The building blocks team have created some great examples showing how to use the new Core service for creating and importing content into  Tridion.

SDL Tridion community posts
A number of great posts have come out of the SDL Tridion community including:
Nuno Linhares: Manually configuring a Tridion 2011 .NET Content Deployer Instance
Yoav Niran: Tonnes of great GUI extensions and tutorials
Walter Van Der Heiden: Using SDL Tridion to generate QR codes
Steve Sidell: SDL SmartTarget: Delivering advanced targeting, profiling and personalization tools

Tridion Practice Cookbook
Recently set up by Dominic Cronin the Tridion practice cookbook to not only show how to implement SDL Tridion features, but how features can/should be coded, it’s a great initiative and I hope it catches on within the community.

I hope I’ve not missed anything off, if so please let me know in the comments.

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