Quick tip : enabling Tridion Powershell commands

Tridion 2013 provides us with a number of powershell commands for some tasks like purging different Tridion queues, or reindexing the internal Tridion search index.

The SDL documentation provides enough information on how to use these scripts, but before you can use these powershell scripts, you need to load the tridion powershell module.

To do this, you should do the following :

  • Open up a powershell window on your Tridion CM server (open it in Administrator mode)
  • go to your Tridion installation directory and locate the powershell modules dll, in my case the dll could be found in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Tridion\bin\PowerShellModules\Tridion.ContentManager.Automation”
  • then, run the following command : “Import-Module .\Tridion.ContentManager.Automation.dll”

Once this is done, you can now execute different powershell commands

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