SI4T 2.0 : Call to Arms

resized imagesIts just over a year since Raimond and I launched SI4T – an open source search integration framework for Tridion published content. In that time the uptake has been good – I heard many stories of it being put into action after my TDS talk in May, and a trickle of questions has started appearing on stack exchange. As such, we feel its time to plan a new release, so this post is a call to arms to give anyone who has benefited from the framework the opportunity to give something back and create an even better solution.

As an initial step, we want to gather a group of interested parties and set of potential features to incorporate in the new release, so please take the time to drop a quick email (a one-liner is fine) to if you are interested in SI4T 2.0.

Don’t delay – do it now! Sending a mail is no obligation to contribute anything, and we will keep your email address and any information provided private to myself and Raimond. Most important at first is to find out who you are, if you have time to add a little more information such as the following, that would be great, but there is also time for more detail later…

  • In what context you used SI4T
  • What you found lacking in SI4T
  • Ideas for 2.0 features
  • If you have any code which you are able to provide
  • Whether you wish to actively participate in 2.0 development, or just wish to provide ideas/remain informed

After we have gathered and evaluated your initial input, we will put together a backlog (there are already some high level ideas on the SI4T Wiki) and core team to do the development and work out the best ways to prioritize, communicate and collaborate. Our hope is to get something out by the end of the year.

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