TcmTemplateSync: Work with TBBs outside of Tridion:

Working with TBBs outside Tridion? Nothing new there you say – I already edit my DWTs in Dreamweaver and my .NET TBBs in Visual Studio. But what about those other commonly used TBB types; Razor and XSLT, what if you don’t like Dreamweaver (or don’t have a license)? Now there is a tool to help you sync local copies of TBBs with the CMS, and break free from editing them in the CMS GUI: TcmTemplateSync

This is a step in the process to make developers more productive by helping them use local development tools, rather than editing the TBBs directly in the CMS GUI.

Some usage scenarios are:

  • Continuous integration via source control check-in/commit triggers
  • Integrated within your favourite development environment to upload on build, via a plugin or custom menu option
  • Download, bulk edit and upload to easily make changes en masse

An article will follow shortly on how we are working with this tool and some other tricks to compile and sync Razor TBBs using Visual Studio, GIT and TeamCity

One thought on “TcmTemplateSync: Work with TBBs outside of Tridion:

  1. Simple and effective, perfect addition to my continuous integration toolkit :)

    Nice trick to get the server datetime btw!

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