Cook up a search with SI4T

Heres the recipe from my TDS 2014 Talk

[You can download the jars, tbb dll and some configuration pre-chopped for Tridion 2013 SP1 and Apache Solr 4.4.0 here – however its always worth using fresh ingredients from]


1. Add the blocks of templating into the box of SDL Tridion.

TcmUploadAssembly.exe config.xml /verbose /folder:tcm:2-48-2 SI4T.Templating.dll

2. Blend first the Generate Index Data block, then the Add Index Data to Output block to the end of your Page Template.

3. Mix the jars of SI4T and third-party stuff into your SDL Tridion Deployer

4. Blend the bundle of search data access objects in cd_storage_conf.xml and bind your indexer. Restart your deployer.

(if you are using a file system storage, blend in the FS data access objects instead)

5. Taste the search index to be sure it contains the following flavours: id, url, pubdate, title, publicationid, body

6. Bake (publish) your website (this may take some time, depending on the type of oven and pan you are using)

7. While your site is baking, open the web application and add the package of NuGet.

Install-Package SI4T.Mvc

8. Whisk the SearchController class to blend in the correct index URL

9. Fry up a quick Component Template and decorate with MVC routing metadata to bind to the Search Controller Search action

controller:Search, action:Search

10. Add a results component to the search page with your component template and republish

…Run a search, see the results, then sit back and taste your success!

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Will is a seasoned web application consultant having worked on web projects for clients all over the world for the last 14 years. He has a deep technical and functional understanding of SDL Tridion solutions from his 6+ years working at SDL as a Principal Consultant in Amsterdam. Since 2012 he has been working freelance and continues to be involved in SDL Tridion projects.

One thought on “Cook up a search with SI4T

  1. Nothing like a great metaphor to make something like Tridion Search Integration appetizing. Nice job, Will and don’t forget the pictures!

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