Have an Idea for Tridion Sites 9.1?

My fellow Product Owners for SDL Tridion Sites have an interesting challenge to somehow understand and clarify the top community product ideas to size them for prioritization against everything else that will be in the Tridion Sites 9.1 release (scheduled for after Sites 9, if the version wasn’t clear).

My colleague Rick has been leading this effort and I’m doing my part to point out all the (many) channels we have in the community and ways to solicit feedback. Ironically, it’s hard to get feedback that we can use to actually understand and size a few of these ideas, especially after I’ve noticed everyone seems to have an idea.

See his post on Page Linking for more background. Or share your thoughts on Page Linking or any of the other popular requests on SDL Tridion Sites Ideas.

We’ll choose top ideas that fit in the Sites 9.1 release when compared to other planned work based on business value, what the feature might enable in the future, as well as urgency. These are divided by estimated size, if you’re familiar with the weighted shorted jobs first technique for prioritization. The next planning session is in September 2018, so be sure to vote, add context, or answer questions before then.

Otherwise, it’s hard to size requests when the request isn’t clear.

Oh and if you have ideas or questions about page linking or the ideation process, stop. Don’t leave a comment here. See his post or comment on Page Linking or other ideas.

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