Plugging the Context Engine into SmartTarget

smart target logoThe SDL Context Engine Cartridge is a Content Delivery cartridge that integrates with the Ambient Data framework of SDL Tridion. The Context Engine essentially provides a huge amount of information about the device, browser and operating system of your website visitor.   This seemed like a perfect cartridge to integrate with SDL SmartTarget, so after immediately doing so, I thought I’d share my configuration.

I’m going to assume that in your environment you already have a content delivery website running with the Context Engine Cartridge as well as an installation of SDL SmartTarget, so all we need to do is configure two XML files and everything is plumbed in.


In your content delivery website we need to include the Ambient Data claims created by the Context Engine.  To do so open the file smarttarget_conf.xml and insert the following XML nodes into the <Prefixes> node:


Now in your SmartTarget environment you’ll need to edit the trigger-types.xml to include the claims that were configured in your smarttarget_conf.xml, simply paste the following into the trigger-types node:

Once the two files are configured all you need to do is:

  • Restart your website – I’m running on a windows server so this is a simple iisreset
  • Start (or restart) the Smart Target Query Server: from command line folder X:\[FREDHOPPER_INSTALLDIRECTORY]\instance01\FAS, by executing bin\qserver stop to stop it if it is already running, then bin\qserver to start it.

Now when you go into the SmartTarget Business Manager interface you’ll see all these lovely new triggers that you can use:


One thought on “Plugging the Context Engine into SmartTarget

  1. Nice Article!
    I think that you can make your smarttarget_conf.xml simpler like the following:

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