SDL Releases Tridion 2009 Service pack 1

Just received some news that SDL have released the first service pack for version 2009 of their Web content management system (WCMS).  Full details after the jump.

Releases and Hotfixes:

SDL Tridion 2009 Service Pack 1

SDL Web Content Management Solutions has released Service Pack 1 of it’s flagship SDL Tridion 2009.


Following hotfixes have recently been made available.

SDL Tridion 2009 GA

  • CD_2009.0.66615
    Generated Broker Queries are too slow when using multiple OR operations.

SiteEdit 2009 GA

  • SE_2_1_0_67110
    Each web site needs to be on a separate port, you cannot use only host names/host headers.

SiteEdit 1.3 Service Pack 1

  • SE_1.3.2.66293
    When publishing a page with SiteEdit in the page template (the page has no component) within Workflow from the work list. The page is published to the staging site successfully. When accessing the page using SiteEdit. The SiteEdit menu at the lower left corner only shows “User Work Items”, the other SiteEdit menu items seen in the Preview in Tridion GUI don’t show. The SiteEdit works fine in the Preview box in Tridion GUI.

SDL Tridion 5.3 Service Pack 1

  • CM_5.3.1.66168
    Unwanted tags are inserted when switching between the Source and Design tabs.
  • CM_5.3.1.66777
    When updating a “Publication Path” and “Publication URL”, the Directory location of the Structure Group contains 2 slashes instead of one.
  • CM_5.3.1.67669
    When publishing content, a large amount of database roundtrips can be measured on both an Oracle Database and SQL Server installations. The amount of database executes may likely cause a performance degradation.

SDL Tridion 5.3 GA

  • CM_5.3.0.67972
    When publishing an item, any un-publish settings specified by the user are stored. These stored settings are then re-applied the next time the Publish dialog is opened.

WebForms 2010 GA

  • WF_2010.0.67795
    Error “object required” occurs when trying to create a new Component in a folder which has a Linked Content Schema.
  • WF_2010.0.67259
    When .ASPX .NET WebForm is used and everything has been set to UTF-8 certain submitted characters (for example ö ä ä ) are not rendered correctly.

Outbound Email 2009 GA

  • OE_2.0.0.67244
    The logging on the Presentation server does not display sufficient information to debug synchronization issues, therefore making it extremely difficult or even impossible to troubleshoot.
  • OE_2.0.0.65077
    Closed statement exception thrown when synchronizing to a presentation side that uses an Oracle database to store the contact profiles.
  • OE_2.0.0.64011
    Bounce Processor service does not update Contact error status or Mailing statistics.
  • OE_2.0.0.63942
    Tracked Page link isn’t resolved when creating it using the Outbound E-mail Tracking system.

The release looks pretty standard and the fixes look pretty small.  That said the client I’m currently working for will not be releasing it any time in the near future so if anyone has installed it, i’d be interested to know how it went.

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