SDL Tridion MVP Retreat 2013

tridion-mvp-2013 Yesterday was the first day of the SDL Tridion MVP retreat and I thought it would be nice to share some pictures from the event and the place, plus some of the expected outcomes.

This year SDL have chosen the walled-medieval town of Óbidos, about 50 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal to host the MVP Retreat.  Our venue has a swimming pool, which we will shortly use as a place to throw Dominic Cronin.


With a larger group this year we have managed to split into 4 groups and are working on the following projects:

Tridion Implementation Testing System (TiTS)
A framework to support the testing of developer built templates.   The team is focusing on the delivery of modular templating example, which allows developers to drop test scenarios into the template builder and evaluate their values and outcomes.

Field Builder Injector
A SDL Tridion GUI extension to add custom properties like security, validation rules (e.g Email address to schema fields. Use these extended fields to modify the behavior of component forms. Details about the project will be appearing online here

Jaime Santos – Shows the very early stages of the Field builder Injector

Client Side Templating
The team is building a framework to support the creation of Client Side templates for SDL Tridion Content Delivery.  The first implementation will use the Angular JS template language and already looks to provide some really interesting functionality.

Alex Klock – Showing Client Side Templating

Responsible Web Design
The team is working with the new SDL Context Engine module to provide some examples of providing the correct content on the correct device.

Already a great start to the retreat, thanks SDL for getting everyone together to work on some interesting side projects… and eat and drink like kings

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About John Winter

Over the last 15 years, John has lead over 50 SDL Tridion implementations for major clients including, Alliance Data, Viking Cruises, Lexus, Dunlop, Dexia Bank, Toyota and SKF. John manages the USA side of Content Bloom, undertaking a variety of tasks including consultancy, development, architecture and trainer.

4 thoughts on “SDL Tridion MVP Retreat 2013

  1. Sounds like some really interesting and potentially real-wold useful project start-ups going on there!

  2. Cool stuff guys. Very interesting projects and most clients ‘wanted list’.

    have fun, miss u guys.

  3. You’ve mentioned a couple of MVPs in this post. I’m assuming you’ve divided up evenly to work on the different initiatives, but would you please confirm, what is the TITS’ size?

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