Content Porter: The partner transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions

I recently installed Content Porter 2009 SP2 Server and Client on the same server as the SDL Tridion Content Manager(CM) 2011 SP1.

Exporting worked totally fine, the zip was created and sat there just dying to be imported… so I thought ‘great, just a quick test of importing and I’m done’.

However, I received the following error during import:

I should note that the content manager SQL database is installed on a different server than the content manager (nothing special here).

The error occurs because the MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator) is not configured to allow remote access on the SQL server. I was originally mislead by assuming that Content Porter had no issue connecting to the database because it had managed to export. So I spent some time checking configuration of the CM server, when actually the issue was on the database server.

You can enable MSDTC as follows:

  1. Log onto your server containing the content manager database
  2. Open up component services
  3. Navigate to Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer -> Distributed Transaction Coordinator
  4. Right click Local DTC and select Properties
  5. Click the Security tab
  6. Check the Network DTC Access box
  7. Ensure that Allow Remote Clients is checked
  8. Check Allow Inbound and Allow Outbound
  9. Check No Authentication Required
  10. The default DTC Logon Account should be NetworkService, leave this as-is unless you have configured connection via a different user (see the Tridion snap-in for the impersonation user)
  11. Restart the DTC service

Don’t forget to make the same configuration change on all servers if load-balanced.

Just seemed like one of those fiddly configuration issues that can take a while to find so I’m hoping this will help anyone with the same error.

Enjoy fellow Tridioners.

3 thoughts on “Content Porter: The partner transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions

  1. Hi,
    Great blog on sdl. I like to know how Tridion stores it pages, content, relationship between them internally(like in DB or XML format etc)? If you can explain that it will be great.

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