Tridion Developer Summit 2014 – A great time all round!


The guys from Content Bloom recently attended the first ever Tridion Developers Summit 2014 so I wanted to shout my enthusiasm from the rooftops in the hopes of attracting even more people next year!

The ‘Tridion Developers Summit’ was a two day event held on 15-16 May 2014 in Amsterdam.

Day One

Located on a big barge in Amsterdam filled with loads of keen Tridion developers, It felt a  bit like the G8 summit… a little too risky to have so many top developers all together in the same room, especially a floating one!


The day was super fun and filled with countless educational seminars discussing many aspects of the SDL Tridion product whilst sharing some great success stories from the guys on the front line.

Personally, the highlight for me was meeting a bunch of great developers and putting names-to-faces whilst enjoying discussions on both a professional and personal level. The atmosphere was super welcoming, perhaps fighting Tridion API’s, and surviving, makes for friendly developers.


I found the pace perfect with enough time set aside for socialising over lunch, the post event BBQ and evening -> late night -> early morning drinks in Amsterdam centre.

Day Two


Day two consisted of several hands-on workshops spread between the morning and afternoon held by some of the top Tridion professionals. All sessions maintained the same friendly relaxed atmosphere and really gave the participants the opportunity to ask questions and direct the course of the workshop whilst focusing on a specific area of integration, including: 

  • Building GUI Extensions from the ground up
  • Success with Experience Manager
  • DD4T & Java
  • SDL Mobile and Personalization

So why should you go next year!?

  • Meet fellow Tridioners
  • Learn new approaches and points of view
  • Break your daily routine whilst learning a bunch of new tricks and tips
  • Attend a workshop and learn a specific discipline
  • Enjoy great food and socialising with like-minded developers – and even some customers (Content Bloom were pleased to accommodate one of our clients all the way from Houston, Texas who confirmed this was a great, educational and social experience!)

Many thanks to Robert Curlette, SDL and friends for organising the event, it’s clear a lot of work went into it.

Take a look at the official site, hoping to see you there next year!

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