About Josh Hebb

Josh Hebb is an SDL Tridion consultant for the consultancy company Content Bloom. He is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has been with Content Bloom since June 2013.

WebSphere 8.5.* Content Delivery Issues


Recently I was involved in the setup of a new content-delivery environment, migrating from a WebSphere 7.* application server to WebSphere 8.5.5. Right away when we started up the application, we started seeing some content-delivery errors with our session preview web-service which we did not experience on WebSphere 7. I’m going to review the problem, and talk about how it was resolved. Continue reading


Recently I was working on an Experience Manager installation where the pre-dev application (XPM enabled) had a SSL certificate installed. When we installed Experience Manager and tried firing it up for the first time we notice that all our scripts were being blocked. The error in the console told us that we were trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources; AH – we were trying to load the XPM bootstrap javascript file from an HTTPS site, while the CM was just communicating over HTTP. Continue reading

Increasing Load Performance with Content Delivery

In the past decade we’ve experienced a steady increase in the average page’s total resource size. It should come as no surprise to us that the resources that have grown the most belong in the media category; specifically images. While other resources have experienced a similar shift, images remain to be the bottleneck on an initial page load – and in a world that is constantly transitioning to mobile, with providers offering limited mobile bandwidth and data improvements, it is crucial that we prioritize its importance. In this post I will detail how we can minimize the resource payload on the initial load and detail considerations that should be made to accommodate low bandwidth visitors.

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Content Delivery Multi-Value Custom-Meta Querying


I was recently working on a Content Delivery syndication piece for a client so that they could pull various components of varying schema’s based on a variety of metadata values. The client requested that they be able to pass in a list of metadata keys, with each key having an accompanying list of meta-values to be searched on. Continue reading

Using Text Fields as HTML Content Areas (Content Porter & inline CSS friendly)

Recently a client requested that we give them the capability of controlling a pages inner content by allowing them to paste markup into a text field (or possibly a RTF), with the following requirements:

  • Must be Content Porter friendly.
  • Must be able to use Tridion hosted and external multimedia in the markup (including inline CSS), such as images, videos, pdfs etc.
  • Images will be hosted inside and outside of Tridion.
  • Videos will be hosted completely outside of Tridion, although the client would like the ability to host external Video URLs in Tridion.
  • Must be able to use Tridion hosted items in inline styles.
  • Simple to use syntax and interface for the content editors.

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