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Mark Williams is an SDL MVP and certified SDL Web developer. He has worked with many web technologies and CMS systems over the last fifteen years. His experience with Tridion dates back to the good old days of R5.3. @willburt on Twitter LinkedIn profile

What, Why Can’t I Publish My Stuff?

You’ve set up your content delivery environment and have your topologies all ready to go. Your publication has a Business Process Type, so you go to publish your first bit of content…

What? Where are my targets?

Huh? Where’s the target? You try a CME refresh, service restarts, even a server reboot with no luck.

This is a little gotcha that Dom Cronin pointed out at TDS 2016 and which I missed. As well as creating a business process type (BPT), that BPT also needs to be specified in a publication’s properties before you can publish items to it from that publication.

So, add your BPT to your publication’s properties



and you will have your target available when publishing items from your publication. All is now good with the world.


Running a .Net DD4T application on Linux

DD4T .NET on Linux


At the Tridion Developer Summit in September Siawash Shibana and Albert Romkes gave a presentation of a DD4T .NET application running under vNext (The codename for the next .NET framework) on Linux.

Siawash and Albert made the application available publicy and although it currently uses mock SDL Web 8 provider objects plugging this into a real life content delivery service should be really simple when SDL Web 8 is released this month.

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Automating Alchemy Plugin Uploads in Visual Studio

Anyone building a plugin for Alchemy4Tridion is familiar with the repeated steps of:  Building the project, alt-tabbing to the CME Alchemy page, uninstalling the plugin, alt tabbing to your build directory, moving your hand to the mouse, dragging the *.a4t to the plugin window, yaawwwwnnn, ctrl-tabbing to the CME Content Explorer, F5ing the content. After the billionth time of doing this you yearn for something quicker!

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Content Delivery on Redhat Linux with Oracle 12c – Part 1


This is the first in a three part series on setting up Tridion Content Delivery on Redhat Linux with an Oracle 12c database.

Read part two of the guide that steps through the Oracle Database installation and part three that deals with the Tridion Content Delivery database installation.

SDL’s Tridion documentation does not go very deep into the set up of Content Delivery in a Linux environment and I have found little content out in the community around this. I thought that it would be valuable to create a few videos that step through the installation of a Redhat Linux server with Oracle 12c for Content Delivery for those with little Linux and Oracle experience. This isn’t intended as a set up guide for a production server (That’s what sysadmins and DBAs live for) but it will give you your own instance of a working Linux/Oracle CD environment that you can play around with.

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