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SDL Tridion Event System Newbie Perspective

SDL Tridion Principal Consultant, Mihai Cadariu outlined a use case for capturing user time stamp information and provided insight into approaches as well as sample code. I was able to replicate his setup and make my first (copy of someone else’s) event system. This type of setup might be old for you, but what impressed me compared to my R5.3 days was how easy it was to Google parts I wasn’t sure on.

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Impress your IT Operations Peers. SDL Tridion + A Simple APM Client

Application Performance Monitoring or Management (APM) means nearly completely different things depending if you’re on the development (R&D) or operations (database/server administration) side of information technology (IT). It’s a different scale, different focus, and different vendors. To get a flavor of this, ask around for APM licensing models.

As a Web application with external APIs, extension points, OS-level events, and plenty of logs, SDL Tridion can be monitored however you see fit, with your vendor of choice. If you’re an avid Tridion World or documentation reader, you already know how to monitor publishing as far back as Tridion 5.3 per Julian Wraith’s article (I’m teasing, I missed this one until I recently searched for Tridion’s monitoring capabilities). 

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See you on Stack Exchange!

Stack Exchange, a spin-off of the popular Stack Overflow programming Q&A site has an “Area 51″ staging site, where Dave Houlker recently proposed a new site Q&A for SDL Tridion.

You can move the potential site into a beta phase by committing. Just follow this image link.
Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Tridion
Full disclosure: I get credit if you click the nice image. Join via a non-referring link if you prefer.

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