Alchemy Front End Development Tip

alchemyRecently I’ve been spending all my spare time working on a plugin for the Alchemy Webstore. My plugin needs a popup page to display some information and controls, so I’ve added a simple aspx page, along with a css and js file to give it a little bit of pizazz. Unfortunately for me, I have a very iterative approach to front end development, constantly tweaking my html and css as I get my page looking how I picture it, which with Alchemy means rebuilding my plugin and reinstalling it over and over again. Or does it? Continue reading

My first Alchemy Plugin

abort-publishing-iconSo I wanted to make a really simple Alchemy plugin to test out the amazing new SDL Web plugin store that my colleagues have been working on this year.  It’s a simple plugin where I inject a little bit of javascript into the publish dialog to permanently check the ‘Abort Publishing’ check-box button, but it’s a great learning experiment plus its a nice example if you’re looking to write a plugin that simply adds a bit of javascript or css etc.

Continue reading

Announcing the Alchemy Webstore!


Content Bloom is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new product that brings the ease and convenience of your favourite app store to SDL Tridion. The brainchild of Alexander Klock, the master coder who gave the world the Razor Mediator for Tridion, Alchemy is a new system set to revolutionize the way Tridion eXtensions are built and installed. Not only does and the Alchemy4Tridion eXtension provide one click access to a number of fully developed and tested plugins to add a range of new functionalities to your Tridion instance, but with the Alchemy framework anyone can develop and share new plugins with unheard of ease. Continue reading