“The” Navigation Debate

Please see below slides for the discussion we hope to have initiated in the Community Webinar held on the 14th March 2012.

Essentially, as a wise man once noted, there are as many ways of rendering navigation as there are Tridion Consultants… The purpose of this discussion is for us, as a community, to share and discuss our experiences.

Please feel free to post links to blogs with specific examples but ideally here we would have more of a discussion of why we would choose one method over another (implementation timescales, environment, editor requirements etc.) and whether, on reflection, previous decisions would be the same…

Let’s talk….


Generating Web.Sitemap from Tridion (SiteMapDataSource)

In spirit of Nuno’s post last week (http://nunolinhares.blogspot.com/2012/01/its-little-things-creating-page.html) regarding website navigation and more specifically, how to generate a Breadcrumb from Structure Groups in Tridion, I thought it was time to publish a related post (and a TBB) I’ve been baking for a while now.  Behold: hooking up Tridion to .NET’s standard Navigation Controls.  I’m talking about Menu, SiteMapPath, and TreeView.  Turns out they all feed off the same, rather basic, XML file called web.sitemap.  Here is the C# code for a generic TBB that creates such a file from your SDL Tridion Web Structure Group and Pages hierarchy.

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