Edit AJAX loaded content with Experience Manager… really?

To be honest I had been a bit lazy. In all the conversations I had had on the subject of editing AJAX loaded content with Experience Manager I had been told it could not be done, so I didn’t even try. Until Jaime told me it was possible and I found out that its not even difficult. Continue reading

Having fun with Experience Manager, Page Regions and Widgets

I have been working on a demo image for a workshop I had to give about 2013 and Experience Manager. To make it a true educational example, I didn’t just reuse bits of existing implementations, but basically redesigned most from scratch. Keeping an eye on simplicity to make it all easy to explain and thus simple to understand, while still following the best practices. For most this was still quite straight forward, but when crossing the topic of Experience Manager I actually came to a few new insights which I thought where worth sharing.

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