Localization != Personalization. Why CXM Shouldn’t Affect Your SDL Tridion BluePrint… Much.

I’m seeing challenges and confusion with BluePrinting and Targeting in BluePrint workshops and in discussions about profiling and personalization. Don’t let the rise of “Customer Experience Management” (CXM or CEM for TLA fans) adversely affect your SDL Tridion BluePrint. Localization != Personalization (!= is code, literally, for “not equals”).

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Welcome back SDL Tridion Workflow

Over the last two weeks, I have had the privilege of spending a lot of time with some of the R&D folks at SDL who are working on the forth coming releases of their world beating WCM platform SDL Tridion. At both SDL Innovate 2012 and SDL Tridion HQ in Amsterdam this week, there has been a lot of talk about “bundles”. Now I can’t really tell you anything about bundles per se (because I really don’t know the details), but from what I hear “it will be the revolution of SDL Tridion Workflow” which has been the thorn in many a consultant and customer’s side since R4. The biggest feature of the new workflow offering will be grouping items together into “Bundles”, allowing you to process complete work packages through a workflow process instead of just a single Page or Component. Continue reading